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Malory is an excellent therapist. Very skilled and compassionate. She is very attentive to what areas need attention, as well as giving you a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Would definitely recommend to anyone!!!


Malory is amazing! I had significant, almost debilitating, back pain. After having an MRI, PT, and even seeing a chiropractor, Malory was the only person who was truly able to totally relieve my pain. She is very careful to listen to what areas are bothering you and if she feels like it is something beyond her area of expertise she will tell you. She is very professional, and goes the extra mile to ensure you are comfortable while she is working on you. Her room is super clean and very relaxing which helps you to feel totally at ease so you can really get the most benefit from your massage. If you’re on the fence about getting a massage for muscle/pain or just for relaxation, do it and go to Malory! You won’t regret it!


Back Massage

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